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John Louis Lauber

John Louis Lauber is an author of compelling mystery and suspense novels set in the world of food, wine and fine dining.


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TABLE FOR ONE: The Standard

TABLE FOR ONE: The Standard is a gourmet's dream - a mystery and suspense series set in the world of fine dining and high cuisine. 

Jacques Rousseau owns Chez Rousseau, the finest restaurant in Chicago. He grew up in Marseilles, France, and came to Louisiana as a young teen after suffering a devastating family tragedy.  He meets and befriends Remy Thibodeaux, an equally talented chef from a small town outside New Orleans and they form a sterling parentship, creating a foodie-following destined for massive success. But enemies surface, and Rousseau seeks protection from the Mafia Chief, Don Anthony Cribaldi. 

Will Jacques keep his empire intact?   Or will he carve out his own lethal justice...and serve it ICE COLD? 

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More suspenseful than the mother ship in the series, TABLE FOR ONE: The Standard, which is saying something meaningful as it was a delightful read.
Lauber's pace in TFO: The Dying Season is taut and gripping and you won't believe the final twists. I did not get anything done that day, as I was so absorbed by this story. This is well-developing into a must-read mystery series, and I can't wait for the 3rd book! Well done!

Jeremy DeLisle, Barnes & Noble Reviewer

If you're a foodie, you'll enjoy this book.
Lauber's prose is rich with description, and you grow to like Rousseau and his supporting cast. Being set in Chicago, it's almost natural to have the Mob involved in the plot when criminal activity is concerned. The Mafia boss and his cronies border on stereotype, but Lauber gives them ample personality to be believable.
Once the characters are introduced, the plot shifts into high gear. The story becomes a page-turner with plenty of twists, turns, and surprises.

Darn good for a first novel!

Food talk at its best!


"The highlight dish of the evening was a Fluke Mercoise, fluke being a member of the sole and flounder family. It was prepared in ribbon strips of the fish’s flesh, the slices awash in a light bath of lime juice and seasoning, white wine and pureed shallots and completed with an adornment of tiny petals of carnation and fronds of saffron, which would add a bright, peppery note to the finished dish and a stunning color presentation."


I mean, yeah, I want that!

Intense camaraderie, intense loyalty, love, honor aaand some VERY sharp knives. Buckle up. Do yourself a favor and don't miss this series!

LJL - Amazon Prime Reviewer

Chris Norbury, Award-Winning Author of Castle Danger 

About Me

About John Louis Lauber

To be a good writer, you must be a good reader.

I write in the mystery genre, because human frailty and its pendulum-swing to Biblical strength is present in every decent suspense novel. Witnessing weakness along with true honor, we rarely see in everyday life, but in the hours spent inside a worthy novel, you see the gradations and there's a satisfaction to the balance I try to bring. Using food within my plots seemed a smart move = there is only one real commonality to us all and that is the food we eat. It draws us in, whether you're from Chicago or Bangalore or Marseilles. 

I’ve read all the Elmore Leonard and Agatha Christie, John Sanford and Ellroy and Cornwell and Koontz and Grisham and Hammett I could ever get my hands on, and I've seen practically every Mafia movie ever made. Some were great, some were really horseshit.   

When I was little, I liked helping out my mom in the kitchen. I started cooking around age 8 or 9 and was hooked early on. But watching food and cooking shows - now that was a game-changer. Thanks to Graham Kerr, aka "The Galloping Gourmet," for first igniting in me the grand spectacle that is food. Certainly, in the TV food realm, Julia Child and Jacques Pepin remain my King and Queen, and I owe a deep and special gratitude to both.   

The images and memories from my decades of reading and writing and viewing and cooking and exploring and imagining have stayed with me like a faithful pet companion that never dies and I continue to walk my laconic walk, writing compelling stories centered in the world of food and wine and fine dining along with my dear friends, my characters.   

In this, I am profoundly lucky to love words as I do, whether I'm reading them or writing them.  

No doubt, you feel the same way, you lovely reader. Ciao.     


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